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We structured our trining program in different type of approaches, based on the colt age.

FOAL: (from weaning, 6-8 months, to 1 year), from the beginning of weaning we dedicate one or more months of work to pacify the colt and teach them the contact with Humans; from the normal cleaning activities to being held at the halter and to get into the Trailer.

YEARLING: (colts from 1 to 2 years.), we resume from the training done at 6-8 months to teach the colt how to work at the rope till we make the colt get in contact with the saddle, get used to the saddle and being managed from the ground with it.

TWO YEARS OLD: (colts from 2 to 3 years) Here it starts the work of mounting till reaching the maximum confidence with the rider and with the several gaits. Here and never before starts the real work of training on the various maneuver of reining ;they should be done gradually and respecting the natural time of growth of the colt, recognizing its attitudes and its limits to create the horse of tomorrow and to guarantee to the colt solidity ad a long career.

THREE YEARS OLD: (colts from 3 to 4 years) this is a period of refining the several maneuver and it will be the horse itself to decide how much its potential could be expressed based on the achievement of its physical and mental maturity. From here the colts start their first experiences in different Arenas and in race fields.

FINISH  HORSES: at this stage the work consists in keeping the horses trained and in a good conditions, increasing their solidity and if it is necessary their metal calm, working mainly on the horse points of weakness.


HORSES WITH BEHAVIOURAL PROBLEMS: in our center we practise rieducation of horses with behavioural problems.

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