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You can relax by walking quietly around the property of the Farmhouse; enjoying the view of horses at pasture, trees and wide green lawn, bird tweeting, and last but not least during your walk you will enjoy the precious and rare Silence that our minds are longing for.
Outside the Farmhouse you can walk along the Adige river bank, situated at walking distance from the property, away from the daily din in total peace and quietness. Or you can walk along the narrow roads that cross our countryside and find out lovely corners that will disclose their secrets uniquely to whom is able to go slow and in silence.
By walking you truly move around the countryside, taking pathways, walking along Vineyards, you can see everything. It is the same difference between observing the water and jumping in.
(Cesare Pavese)

"...and when your legs will feel tired start waking with your heart"... said Paolo Chielo
or with a Horse we would suggest!

Your can take long or short horse riding to discover the treasure gelously hidden in the Adige River floodplain...
Itineraries are many and different based on your needs and your capacity to stand horse riding. Adriano Pedretti will be your guide during the excursion, our trainers but above all Man of Horses, who 30 years ago has chosen to live his life in full contact with this noble animal.

"Each time we learn something new, we become something new"
-Leo Buscaglia-

Why don’t you learn horse riding? It will be for you a kind of, call it like this, “Study Trip”. All the lessons are personalized and one to one, trainee/trainer.
The trainer, Adriano Pedretti, has a 20 years’ experience with horses, he has attended stages in America and in Italy with the best trainers in the world. (For more details see the page dedicated to our Ranch).
You will decide what to learn if this is your first experience with horses, or where to concentrate on, if you are an expert horse rider. Adriano is open to listen all your requests and together with him you will build your lesson program! This is a unique opportunity for who really want to learn the gorgeous art of horse riding, because horse riding is an art and you will only find it out when, between you and your horse will arise that magic symbiosis similar to a poem or a song, or a beautiful painting. It will be a work of art and nobody else in the world will ride the same way you ride your horse, because a work of art is unique and unrepeatable.

For fishing and relax lovers it is possible to practise Agrifishing under a beautiful mulberry tree or if you prefer a luxuriant poplar. Very picturesque, the nice lake in the midle of the property is around 2 hectare wide and it is mainly populated by carps and American catfishes.

The type of fishing allowed is catch & release.

Inside the property there are 2 lakes. The big lake is reserved to sport fishing the smaller one, surrounded by a cane thicket of the family Cannucciae tifa, is ideal for bird watching. Here they find their ideal habitat many animals like: kingfisher, hoopoe, mallard and many reptiles and amphibious.

Kids could spend their time outdoor by playing in the sandpit, with the slide or the tiny lovely house, or they can run and play in the property big garden free and out of any risk.

Our Farmhouse rents its garden, the bar and the arcade to any person wishing to celebrate a special day in a different way together with their family and friends. Inside the bar there is a small kitchen fully accessorized, a barbeque , tables and chairs. We also offers recreational activities for adults and kids to turn a special day into an unforgettable day!

Why don’t you take a break... and rest???
This is the ideal place to dip into the total relax, just surrounded by bird tweeting and horses nitrite. We have created the hammock garden just for this purpose…it is reserved to the guests of our farmhouse, here peace and quiteness will be your trip companion...




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