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My love for Horses almost born with me; in 1976 at the age of 8 years my parents donate to me my first horse, Gedy, a pony horse.
Horses slowly started to become an important part of my life. Day by day grew more in me the passion for western mount and in particular my love for training American horses.
At the age of 18, thanks to a friend, I met Kevin Vorhes and my passion turn into a work.
Soon after I started working with Jean Steffell.
At the age of 23 I went to USA destination Oregon, here I lived and worked in the Ranch of Tom Sthilaire, during this stay I enhanced my expertise in training Reining and CowHorse horses, in particular I refined my expertise in training 2 years and 3 years old horses and my ability in managing non pro horses.
Back to Italy, I started my career as trainer with my first clients, my first races and first results, for several years I have managed a training centre by my own, till the day I realized my DREAM 555…
Passion for this work brought me to refine my technic along the years, growing as trainer and horse farmer.
My personal growth as trainer has been nourished by constant and continuous training sessions, I took part to several clinics held by worldwide well known reining personalities.
Craig Jonson, John Slack, Scott Mccutcheon, Filippo Masi, Bob Avila, Marcus Shoffer, Gaetan Gauttier.

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