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The term “equitation” means the use of Horse for sport activities.
Equitation in one of the more ancient activities practised by Humans. Contact with the Horse help to know ourselves and our body, reinforce self-consciousness and confidence in our talent. To take care of an Horse give mutual rewarding that strengthen the relationship between man and animal. Early in the 4th Century Before Christ the Famous Ippocrate di Coo, the founding father of Medicine, suggested to people suffering from insomnia or anxiety to do long horse riding.
Among the activities offered by the 555 Ranch there is the Equitation School of Western horse riding, hold by the qualified trainer Adriano Pedretti.
From the first steps on a horse back to sport competition of Reining discipline or just for a simple horse riding it is advisable to be followed by an expert, you should put great attention on the competence of the person that will be your guide.
BASIC CLASS: this Class is studied for all persons that approach Equitation for the first time. The scope of this course is to teach the rider how to control the horse riding at the several gaits.
ADVANCED CLASS: This Class is studied for persons that decide to start competitive Horse Riding, taking parts to races or Reining show; always followed by their trainer.
The school make selected horse for temperament and experience available to its students. The school horse are suitable for both beginner and expert horse riders.
Kids can practise Horse Riding starting from the age of 6 to 8, based on the kid’s physical structure.
To start taking Horse riding classes is sufficient to present a medical certificate that prove the physical fitness to practise sports, upon presentation of medical certificate the school will issue the sign-up card that has 1 year validity.
Lessons are booked each time with the trainer, to book your lesson you just need to advise him few days in advance.
For any additional information please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to reply to any of your questions.



- Because Horse moves himself following the several gaits with rhythmical and predictable movements to which the human body adapts itself easily.

- Because Horse is extremely sensitive to body language in the sense of body gestures and, being a highly social animal, he is very receptive toward all type of communication.

- Because to practise horse riding following the several gaits you make use of numerous group of muscle and many aspect of psycho-physiology and psycho-motoric are involved.

- Because horse riding is able to generate intense feelings and emotions, it is well known the value of emotional involvement in the learning process.

- Because the visual-spatial stimulus provided by the special environment of stables with chromatic and light variation plus the movement of the horse stimulate a finalized visual attention that help the acquisition of the space dimension.

- Because the horse environment has peculiar noise and smell that are very evocative.

- Because through the contact with a big size animal we obtain a strong tactile stimulation, that helps to take consciousness and knowledge of ourselves and of our body.

- Because Horse is an animal that express his own emotion like fear, in which we can recognize ourselves and act a REASSURING role, at same time ride a Horse, a big size and powerful animal, give a sense of protection and increase our self-confidence.

- Because Horse has all the qualities, like warmness, softness, smell, regular movements, big deep gaze eyes necessary to stimulate the process of bonding that is fundamental for the DEVELOPMENT OF THE HUMAN BEING.

- Because to ride a Horse allows to establish physical contacts and help the mutual rewarding, from one side we offer care, caresses and massages, on the other side in exchange to our actions we receive expressions of gratitude from the Horse.


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